2012 - 02.13

Traditional BJJ classes are taught while wearing a Gi, or fighting kimono.

Training with a Gi allows the student to learn how to manipulate clothing to control or submit the opponent.

Some people discredit gi-training as outdated in todays world of MMA: but in the real world these techniques still carry a lot of relevance, as most people on the streets are wearing clothing enough for these many of the Gi-techniques to be successfully employed.

As a result of this, nearly half of all the classes at CBJJ are taught in the traditional manner.

BJJ Gis are distinct from other martial arts uniforms. They are designed for grappling, and as a result they are made of a very heavy fabric. BJJ Gis are much like Judogis, except they generally have smaller sleeve openings and a tighter fit. However, TKD and Karate gis are not designed for grappling applications, and are likely to tear.

Contact the instructor for more information on where to buy a gi, or what kind to get, etc.

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