2012 - 02.13


Pitbull Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Tom Cissero instructs classes every day of the week. His focus on hard training allows his students to reach their maximum potential by maintaining the fighting spirit in each match. His devotion to detail with every move being taught is exceptional. Every student is expected to face one another, no matter what rank, size, strength, age, or sex. Doing so makes a student feel confident against any opponent. His versatility in other arts such as Boxing, Wrestling, and Muai Thai gives students a well balanced understanding of fighting. His balanced approach of Gi and no-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu prepares students for the ring as well as the streets. His ability to explain and differentiate street fighting and sport fighting gives students understanding of each technique and its purpose.

Our Academy offers a variety of people from every aspect of the work force — from high school students and teachers, carpenters and CEOs — and every age, shape, and size. We train hard, with respect, and with willingness to teach and learn from every person. Our classes offer training excellence as well as the opportunity to practice on a wide variety of training partners. Our students feel secure to know there is always a knowledgable higher belt in class that can give them the personal attention necessary to reach the next level.


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