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2012 - 02.17

I’ve been spending my sleep-depriving nights working on many websites. I would love to hear your ideas, criticism, questions, and compliment (oh especially that one! 😉 ). While you guys are registering and logging on, I suggest you also check out the “Gallery” section of the members area where you can add your own picture inside the gallery area.

Good luck to all and again if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


6 Responses to “The New Website”

  1. Will you look at that?! The comments section WORKS! Good, one thing down, one million(+) to go!

    Hmm I gotta get these user icons to display our pictures. That will require some serious h@x0r $h!31! But this is why I’m 1337!

  2. 7h!$_!$_4_73$7_\/\/4@7_7!/\/\3_!$_!7?

  3. Profile pictures are now up! 70741 1337 h4x0r!

  4. Well I got the logo on the template. It’s looking a lot better now. Time for me to get some $/\/0023$

  5. Just got rid of that ugly border on our smileys. Now it’s all pruttey!!! 😀

  6. BrunoCBJJ BrunoCBJJ says:

    cool its working

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